Monday, July 26, 2010

Artifact 1 - Screen casting

About Artifact 1 - This is a screen cast that we created for the subject HMDD5603 - Design and Development of Interactive e-content Course - Moderated by Dr. Colin Geissler.

Basic objective:
The task was to create a Screencast for a chapter of a book using the Techsmith toolkit.

The task was very simple at first glance. All i had to do was to give a 'voice over' to the PPT. When i looked at the results, it was an unmitigated failure. And, it gave me a pause into my whole teaching learning process. Why did it fail? Here is where content design of electronic content comes in.

After a lot of iterations into the content and by using the models of learning and all the lessons i learned in the courses especially the HMID5003 Principles And Practices Of Instructional Design, i was able to settle down on what i wanted and how i was going to deliver it.

The next task was to understand how to deliver it and make choices on the media. One choice example was between use of mind maps and PPTs for the task and how to use diagrams and text in the screencast.

The overall outcome was long lasting and memorable. Over a period of time, i have used the Screencasting tool a lot for everyone of my big presentations - My Ph.D. viva voce is a notable example. The big lesson learnt was not just a tool but a process of learning.

I have seen also the benefits of the knowledge of MIDT. Others have used Jing under my guidance and had different results. In a Teacher Training programme without the knowledge of the pedagogy, this tool becomes a micro teaching tool. In the same programme with the benefit of pedaogogy, it becomes a wonderful weapon.


  1. Hello Shriram

    Its great to have you back buddy.

    I also used my screecast from Jing as one of my artifact as it presented some problems for me to create. I agree with you in that it can be used in various occasions in teaching and learning.

  2. Dear Shriram

    You have chosen to reflect on an interesting artifact. It is good to learn that you could use Jing and screen cast in other settings as well. Through the exercise of creating the screen cast you have learnt the importance of considering the design of e-content and the selection of appropriate delivery media. Your pre-reflection reports well how you realized this.

    You may want to explain a bit more, in your reflection, why you were asked to use the Techsmith tools for the assignment? What was the aim behind it? What were the learning objectives for the assignment?

    The real essence of knowledge is in its application. You applied the knowledge learnt from the courses taken previously in the programme to make your presentation better; but you will want to shine some light on which lessons and key principles you learnt from those previous courses. You are right, it often happens that at first glance a task might seem easy but when you get around undertaking it, you realize its nitty gritties. You will also like to tell what was lacking in the content that you designed initially and what did you add in it later. Moreover, what were the things that you kept in mind while designing and delivering the e-content through screen cast?

    You may also want to give a link to the chapter that you presented in the screen cast. The last paragraph, in your pre-reflections, has some important points; however, it is not very clear what you what to tell. A little explanation would help.

    Best regards

  3. Your reflection really describes what most educators feel when applying technology.