Monday, July 26, 2010

Artifact 2 - Slideshare

Here is the artifact i did for the HMID 6303 Current Trends and Issues in Instructional Technology course.

Lessons Learnt
At first glance, this looked very very simple. A PPT for a course. This is what i do. My bread and butter. Then the kicker comes in. How do i hold the attention without compromising on content and how effective can the content be. What is the purpose? To tittillate, to educate, to make the audience think, to do all of the above?

A topic so rich in content as second life can have a lots of images and excite the audience. But is that the purpose.

The same can be applied in text as a wiki like clone. But, why do we need a PPT then?

To think?

To hold attention?

In the end, i shot for all of the above aspect. It took a lot of attempts and some cooperation from my students. But, it was worth every single minute as i was learning what to do and how to do it. Also, knowledge of using second life actually helped in this lesson

What this lesson taught me remains with me everyday when i make a PPT.

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  1. Dear Shriram

    The following is my review and critique on your Artifact 2 Slide share:

    I remember watching your ppt slides during the course HMID 6303. It gave a good synthesis of the chapter ‘Who are you?’ from Bonk’s book ‘The world is Open’. It was good in the sense that it provided a comprehensive summary of the relevant chapter. It was also good in the sense that it did not just present information but also attempted to first instigate the audience to think. The meaningful visuals and questions in the form of captions added interest to the presentation. However, the size of the font and visuals at some instances and length of some texts could be adjusted to give a more user friendly look. This could also have given a more consistent look to the overall presentation.

    In your pre-reflections on artifact 2, you may want to provide a succinct context/situation for the artifact. Another thing that the viewers of your e-portfolio might appreciate is the active hyperlink to your actual artifact. This is also applicable to your first artifact.

    You have a very good conversational style in your ‘lessons learnt’ section. You have documented well the process of preparing the presentation and what you learnt through the process, you may want to shine some light on the content of the presentation and what you learnt from it. And if you got the chance to apply the knowledge from the content to an educational setting, you will want to share that as well.